We are glad you are interested in taking your business online with PeGePay. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Prerequisites

You must have the following prerequisites

  1. An existing email account
  2. An existing Google Workspace account(Free or Paid)
  3. An existing bank account with EMV Co QR code payment activated for Merchant-Presented QR code payment transactions.

2. Sign-up for a PeGePay Account

Sign up for your very own PeGePay merchant account. Once your account is verified, we will guide you through the various setup configuration steps.

3. Install PeGePay SmartForms Plugin for Google Forms

PeGePay integrates with Google Forms and uses Google Forms as your e-commerce item catalog import utility. You must install the PeGePay SmartForms plugin found in Google Workspace Marketplace

4. Build your Google Forms Items Catalog

The easiest way to build your Google Forms item catalog is to use our PeGePay Google Forms sample item catalog template. Download the sample template from here. The sample template gives you clear instructions and examples on how to create your very own items catalog in Google Forms.

5. Upload your Items Catalog to PeGePay SmartForms

Once you have completed your Google Forms items catalog creation, click on the SmartForms plugin menu in Google Forms and proceed with the validation and upload processes to PeGePay SmartForms.

6. Customise your SmartForms Microsite

With your uploaded items catalog in PeGePay SmartForms, use the SmartForms tools to customise the microsite according to your preference. Once complete, turn your microsite live, and you are ready to accept online orders.

7. Launch Microsite

Share your live microsite via your FaceBook page and/or past your microsite url QR code on your marketing kits, business cards, bags, etc.