1. Is PeGePay suitable for my type of business? PeGePay has built-in features that are suitable for a wide range of businesses. It includes fast-moving consumer goods(FMCG), food & beverage(F&B), white goods, and other types of retailers.
  2. How can PeGePay help me start up my online store? PeGePay focuses on the core needs of companies and merchants who want to start up an online store by providing a system with a built-in end-to-end e-commerce transaction process. No additional third-party plug-ins or service subscriptions are required. A merchant with zero technical knowledge will be able to set up and get his online store up and running. All done with zero startup cost.
  3. Can I use PeGePay in my country? PeGePay is available globally. The only pre-requite to determine whether you can use PeGePay in your country is the availability of EMV Co compliant QR code payments. Branded as national QR code payment methods, they have names such as the following:-
    • Australia – NPP QR
    • Bangladesh – Bangla QR
    • Ghana – Ghana QR
    • Hong Kong - HKQR
    • India – Bharat QR
    • Indonesia – QRIS
    • Japan – JP QR
    • Malaysia – DuitNow QR
    • Philippines – QR Ph
    • Singapore – SG QR
    • Thailand – Thai QR
    The above list is not exhaustive. It will continue to grow as countries adopt and implement their national payment QR code using the EMV Co specifications.

    Contact your bank or e-wallet provider to find out how you can obtain your payment QR code.
  4. Why does PeGePay focus on using EMV Co compliant QR code payment? At PeGePay, we evaluated payment methods to see if they meet the following criteria:-
    1. Relative to other payment methods, it must have the lowest, if not zero, chargeable merchant fees
    2. Money goes directly into the merchant’s bank or e-wallet account
    3. Wide population access to payment method
    4. Easy merchant signup and setup for payment method service
    5. Payment method specifications is standardized across several countries
    Only EMV Co compliant QR code payment method meets the above criteria.
  5. I have an existing business website with my domain name. Can I still use PeGePay for my online store? Yes, you can. Activate the iframe option in PeGePay. Then get your website administrator to add PeGePay as a ‘Buy’ menu option running as a window within your existing website.
  6. What delivery options are available in PeGePay? With PeGePay, you have the flexibility to use both your private dispatchers and Third Party Logistics(3PL) providers for delivery. It is in your control.
  7. How do my customers sign up for an account on my online store? There is no prior need for your customers to create an account using an email address to create an order. Your customers can go straight to placing an order. All that is needed is their mobile number.
  8. How is WhatsApp used in PeGePay? PeGePay uses WhatsApp for order correspondence with your customers and delivery correspondence with your private dispatchers. You can use the free WhatsApp Personal App or the free WhatsApp Business App. You do not need to subscribe to the WhatsApp Business Platform.
  9. What transaction currency does PeGePay support? PeGePay configures your online store currency automatically based on your QR code payment setup information.
  10. Do my customers need to input the payment amount manually in their mobile banking app when processing my online store transaction QR code payment? No, every payment QR code is dynamically generated for each transaction payment amount.
  11. How does PeGePay control transaction security? All orders process correspondence can only be initiated by your customers and sent to you, the merchant. It contains a code known only to the customer and the merchant receiving the order correspondence. For each order process step, the use of the code is required, including initiating payment requests by the merchant and QR code payment processing by the customer.
  12. I want to set up my online store, but for my type of business, it is not practical to reach out to my whole country. In PeGePay, you are in control of your order delivery coverage. Just configure the delivery coverage radius distance you want to serve.
  13. How easy is it for me to set up/upload/maintain my items listing? PeGePay is targeting on the huge Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) market that currently does not have an online store presence. As such, a product catalogue building tool was needed that can meet the following criteria:-
    1. Readily available in many countries and free
    2. Easy learning curve for beginners
    3. Structured and yet simple enough for anyone to systematically build an items catalogue
    PeGePay decided Google Forms, together with our SmartForms plugin, was best suited for our target group of SMEs.
  14. What languages are supported in PeGePay? PeGePay supports multi-byte character language items catalogue setup and website customization. However, system messages are currently in English only. We will be progressively making the system messages available in multiple languages.
  15. For my online store, there is still a need for me to print out items' packing lists or shipping labels for my items' delivery packages. Can I do that in PeGePay? Yes, you can. PeGePay has kept easy setup, cost-effective printing, and extensive printer compatibility to be the main requirements for printing. Therefore, PeGePay supports any ESC/POS compatible receipt printer for order tags and any TSPL compatible printer for shipping labels. No specific brand of printer and printer driver installation is required.
  16. Can PeGePay accommodate the complex multi-tiered sales tax structure in my country? You can set up your country’s multi-tiered tax structure easily in PeGePay. In addition, you can apply these multi-tiered tax structure to different categories of product items.
  17. My work environment makes it different to set up a desktop computer to manage my online orders. Does PeGePay provide a mobile option to manage order processing? You use the PeGePay Business mobile app to manage order processing from start to end.